Dr. Zamer's Clinic


 Dr. Zamer's clinic is uniquely designed to fulfill all of his patient's needs. For discretion and confidentiality, there are two spacious waiting areas where clients can comfortably and privately wait till they're admitted to the doctor. Brochures are available at the waiting areas for patients to take an idea about Dr. Zamer's services during their wait. For convenience, all pre and post operative visits take place at the clinic so that the patient only needs to go to the surgical facility for one day when having a surgical procedure done.


Once admitted to Dr. Zamer's office, patients get their consultation with him where they get to ask all the questions they need and define their desired procedure/s. Patients also get to watch before and after pictures of samples of Dr. Zamer's work for their interest procedure/s. For the check up, patients are admitted to a fully equipped and sanitized room where they can comfortably get their check up and show Dr. Zamer their area/s of desired enhancement.


Dr. Zamer's check up room is also fully equipped for having all non surgical procedures performed there. These procedures include Botox injections, Hyaluronic acid fillers and cosmetic machines. Cosmetic machines available at the clinic include: IPL for hair removal and acne treatment, Crystal Dermabrasion for face and body skin resurfacing, Ultrasound for skin nourishment treatments, Micropigmentation for masking scars and hair loss, and a Laser machine for fat and cellulite reduction.


Dr. Zamer's office and the check up and non surgical procedures room are located next to the clinic exit to further ensure that patients discretely make their way out of the clinic without passing by the waiting areas. Upon leaving the clinic Dr. Zamer gives patients a follow up card with the dates and times of their next visits and each visit's purpose to ensure that no follow up appointment is missed.


Dr. Zamer's clinic offers all week long phone consultations with any one of his assistants. Patients may call to get all the information they need by phone before visiting the clinic. Questions about procedures, prices, and pre or post procedure inquiries are all thoroughly answered by his assistants. Dr. Zamer's clinic receives patients all week days with only Friday off to ensure that his patients get their treatments, pre or post operative care at the day most convenient for them.