Fly in for Plastic Surgery in Egypt

Over his 25 years of experience, Dr. Zamer has developed a customized service solution for patients flying in to Cairo, Egypt for plastic surgery procedures. Because Dr. Zamer has practiced in Georgia, New York, Jeddah and Bahrain, he's always had his patients from there and their friends and families fly in to Cairo to have more procedures performed with him. With the word of mouth spreading, more referred patients have been flying in to Cairo from even more countries to have procedures done by Dr. Zamer. As this part of his work immensely expanded, Dr. Zamer has developed his own customized protocol for fly in patients to make their whole experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible from beginning to end.


Dr. Zamer's Fly in Patients' Protocol Includes:

  • Arranging patients' scheduled stay in Cairo including a two day arrival prior to surgery date for the face to face Consultation with Dr. Zamer, completing paper work, any preoperative tests and settling in the hotel. The schedule also includes post operative follow up visits and aftercare. Usually the stay ranges from 5 to 10 days according to the chosen procedure.
  • Recommending and arranging accommodation in near by hotels for patients to be well situated next to the surgical facility and clinic.
  • Suggesting a relaxing, non strenuous set of activities, outings, dining restaurants and sightseeing destinations that the patient and accompanying person/s can enjoy during their stay in Cairo.
  • Arranging transportation from and to Cairo airport as well as transportation to and from the clinic and surgical facility.


Steps for Having a Plastic Surgery Procedure Performed by Dr.

Zamer in Cairo:

  • Contact Dr. Zamer through contacts available on Contact Us page or fill in the Consultation Form with your procedure of interest and any questions that you might have. Attaching photos of your area/s of desired enhancement to the form or email is necessary so that Dr. Zamer would have a clearer understanding of your case.
  • You are encouraged to have a phone call with Dr. Zamer at this stage to further discuss your expectations, any concerns or ask any more questions after Dr. Zamer has seen your pictures and known about your procedure of interest.
  • Chose your preferred time for having the surgery performed. According to your chosen surgical procedure, Dr. Zamer will tell you how much time you will need to stay in Cairo including your preoperative consultation with Dr. Zamer, any time needed for check ups and your required postoperative follow up time before returning to your country.
  • If you're flying in alone make sure to tell Dr. Zamer so that he can perhaps arrange a one night stay for you at the surgical facility where you would get all the help you need and aftercare before returning to your hotel.


Benefits of Flying in to Cairo for Plastic Surgery with Dr. Zamer:

  • Due to currency dissimilarity, different taxing systems and wages, fly in patients particularly those coming from Europe and the States enjoy the opportunity to have an excellent service provided to them at a more affordable price compared to their home price for the same procedure.
  • Being at a country different from their home country, fly in patients enjoy the convenience of discretion, having their surgeries performed where no one knows them.
  • Being away from home also provides the relaxing opportunity for fly in patients to focus only on their journey to their new more beautiful transformation and not have to worry about family members being concerned about them.
  • Being at a country as beautiful as Egypt with its unique heritage provides a perfect chance to explore this ancient civilization during the recovery journey of a beautiful transformation.